Limited Edition Ball Spinner

$25.00 USD
by DH Lab
Type: Ball Spinner

Bowling Ball Spinning Stands

Proud to announce a special collaboration between Nexus Bags and DH Lab to bring you Limited Edition Nexus branded ball spinners. 

Durable. Compact. Functional.

Made by bowlers, for bowlers.

Limited Edition Colors are here for a short period of time, get yours while you can!

Spinner Features:

High Quality Steel Bearings. Smooth and quiet, able to hold 50+ pounds.

Form fitted rubber bottom to keep the spinner in place.

Durable and compact frame. Easy for transportation, tested for long

Professionally 3D Printed. We specifically design and make our spinners for durability and longevity. We put our spinners through multiple stress tests to ensure their durability.
7 Different Limited Edition Color Variations. Color Selected will be represented by the picture it changes to.
Our Spinning Stands make a great tool to help with bowling ball cleaning and surface prep. We make these with bowlers in mind, as we are bowlers ourselves. 

Color Selection: Color selected will match what is represented in the picture it changes to. If you have questions at any time, please send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or email. We can accommodate you!

We believe proper ball care is important. Cleaning a bowling ball and removing oil from the coverstock is a great way to maintain the predictability of what the ball will do down lane. Clean your balls!


For other colors please visit DH Labs at this link -